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Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery used to diagnose and treat shoulder problems. You might have arthroscopy for rotator cuff tears or shoulder impingement. Minimally invasive procedures require smaller incisions than traditional surgery. Each incision is about the size of a keyhole.
Your surgeon inserts a small camera called an arthroscopy through a tiny incision in your skin. This camera projects pictures of your shoulder joint to a video screen. Your provider looks at these images to find the source of your injury. If you need a shoulder repair, the provider uses miniature surgical instruments to restore your shoulder’s mobility.

What are the advantages of arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

You may have shoulder arthroscopy instead of open surgery (with a larger incision), depending on your specific concern. Compared to open surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries have less risk of infection and a shorter recovery time. Shoulder arthroscopy also tends to cause less joint stiffness and pain than open surgeries.

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